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People and Character's with their own Play of the Games animated, in this video: BajanCandian, DanTDM and Fredisaal

Abilities Explanation:


Hyper-Swing ( R-click ) : Knock someone with the hilt of the sword, slightly stunning them and pushing them back. Knockback is increased in mid-air

Flash Rocket ( E ) : Throws a rocket that stuns and pushes their target into a wall

Terrorist's Cart ( Ultimate ) : A cart that pushes any targets in the way with it into the wall and cause a huge explosion


Split ( R-click ) : Charge for half a second before dashing forward, damaging and stunning any targets in the way

Wrong Treasure ( E ) : Turn a heal pack into a mine trap

Ender Boom ( Ultimate ) : Equip diamond boots, teleport high in the air and falling, causing a large shockwave


Boost ( R-click ) : Shoots the user forward and into the air

Parkour ( E ) : Moves at a faster speed as long as Fredi is not touching the ground

Wall Shoulder ( L Shift ) : Jump off a wall and kick any target within range

Blue Fuel ( Ultimate ) : Fredi's attacks for the next 10 seconds will all be crits.

Voice at the End: https://twitter.com/vixelized?lang=en

Want to buy a custom render/thumbnail? : https://sellfy.com/p/NbuS/

If you want to know what software or applications I use to make my animation videos then I have listed them below and on the About page on my YouTube channel. Whilst you check out what I use why don't you Subscribe? :P

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Boxm3n666
My Instagram where I post renders: https://www.instagram.com/latez_mcanimations/

If you're still reading this comment down below saying: "ITS HIGH NOON"

Hope you enjoy!

Programmes Used:
Cinema 4D - Animation
Adobe After Effect - Visual Effects
Sony Vegas - Video and Sound editing
Audacity - Sound Editing
Adobe Photoshop CC - Skins and Textures
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